How SalPil Works

How SalPil Works

Who is an online seller?

A person who sells products to a buyer over the Internet through multi vendor marketplace such as Amazon eBay or their own shopping website such as Shopify store is called an online seller. Drop shippers who sell third-party products on the marketplace(acting like sellers) are also a kind of online seller.

Who is an affiliate marketer?

A person who promotes third party products from websites (like Amazon, eBay or any other individual marketplace) and gets commission from the marketplace after the product gets sold, is called an affiliate marketer. And affiliate marketing is considered as the most profitable way to make money online.

What’s the Marketplace?

Marketplace is the place where buyers can purchase products, and when it comes to the online marketplace, it is a website or application which entertains the sellers and buyers to sell and buy their desired products online respectively. Ex: Amazon, eBay, Shopify store, Etsy...

What can affiliate marketers & sellers do on SalPil?

Affiliate marketers & sellers can open their own storefront on SalPil to promote their products. They can write honest product reviews/ guides and attach their products with those reviews. And also they can share their online selling/ marketing experiences with the SalPil blog and earn money from those articles.

How does SalPil help consumers?

SalPil enables consumers to easily find products for competitive prices from both local and global marketplaces which will deliver to their place. And they can find useful reviews/ guides about products as well.

How does SalPil help sellers & affiliate marketers to earn ?

SalPil creates an obvious way to increase sales(the product selling rate) and the revenue and income will go higher effectively. And this is a great opportunity for them to earn from writing articles and reviews and monetizing them.

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