Salpil Seller's Guide - A to Z

  1. First register as a seller or affiliate marketer.
  2. Before listing an item, please refer following guidelines.
  3. Go to the listing settings page, to adjust information like default marketplaces, shipping locations etc.
  4. Let's list your first item. To begin, make sure you have,
    • Enough information about the item
    • High¬† quality images of your item (image format - jpg or png, background color - white)
    • A list of keywords for buyers to search the item in different languages you use to list your item. (You can use a Keyword Analysis Tool for this)
  5. The id, assigned by the marketplace for the item should be given to the Item id field. An example has been provided for you.
  6. Images of the item should be uploaded to imgur and the post URL ( should be copied and pasted to imgur link fields.
  7. Item details should be translated into the other languages you use to list the item. If you are unable to do the translation manually, you can use an online language translator.
  8. How to decide which language should be used to list the item?
    • You can use most commonly used languages in shipping countries (E.g: UK-English, Japan-Japanese) and the cooperative languages for the selected marketplace for this.

Best Practices

  • Always try to use a computer to list an item. It will ease the process.
  • Select the most specific category possible.
  • Please avoid copying and pasting the contents from other websites as they are.
  • Make sure the contents are enough and accurate.
    • Most of the buyers check details before taking a decision and an additional benefit is that a good content is always search engine friendly.
  • Writing a review for the listing item or attaching a youtube review video will increase the selling rate of your item.

Create Your Listing

After listing your first item, you can use that item as a template to list other similar items.

Even after listing your item, you should update the price of your item in each 3 to 7 day period and if you are unable to update the price within 14 days, your item will be expired and wouldn't be recovered again.