The Ultimate Bikini Guide

Here is an ultimate write-up for those of you who are heading to the beaches this summer. When summer holidays are just around the corner, women get ready to make a splash with their swimwear style! June is the perfect month of the entire year to shop for the favorite piece of swimwear and June 8 is considered as the largest unofficial bikini-buying day. 

There’s a huge variety of bikini styles on the market. When choosing your ideal bikini between different types and styles, your consideration must not be only the current fashion trends, but most of all your body type. This guide will show you how to choose the best fit for your body among a huge number of styles. Find the perfect fitting piece and look fabulous among other beach babes.

Types of bikinis

Since the modern bikini was introduced in 1946, it has come through many stylistic variations till today. The modern bikini variants are primarily smaller and more revealing than the original versions of bikinis. There are many different types of bikinis which are as follows.

Bandeaukini/ Strapless Bikini (Best picks for: Skimpy or Hourglass shaped women)

This style, also known as bandini usually has a bandeau bra with no straps going over the shoulders, with any style of bikini bottom. This is the best pick for skimpy or hourglass shaped women but not for women with heavy busts.

Multi-String Bikini (Best picks for: Women with flaunting shoulders bones)

As the name suggests, multi-string bikini top has multiple straps that might end up like a halter at the nape of the neck. This bikini is for women with flaunting shoulders bones but not suitable for those who are with very broad shoulders.

String Bikini (Best picks for: Hourglass shaped women, Women who dare to look steamy!)

String bikini or stringkini gets its name from the string characteristics of its design. This bikini is more revealing than a traditional bikini. This style is ideal for hourglass shaped women, and for those who dare to look steamy! This does not suit women with heavy busts and thighs.

Microkini (Best picks for: Hourglass shaped women)

Microkini or micro bikini is extremely skimpy. Very exposing variations may have a simple thread to keep things covered enough! The most radical variations have thin straps which cover a little or none.

Tankini (Best picks for: All body types)

The most recent evolution of the -kini family is the tankini. The originator of this style is Anne Cole who is considered to be the godmother of swimwear. Combining a tank top, and a bikini bottom, a tankini is one of the most decent styles of bikini. This is perfect for all body types.

High Neck Bikini (Best picks for: Water Sports, Surfing, Beach games)

The upper part of the bikini is a high neck tube and it covers most of the bust with bikini bottoms. High neck bikini is comfortable and less revealing than a usual bikini. This is more suitable for women with water sports, with surfing and beach games.

Trikini (Best picks for: Skinny women)

The trikini is known as “a handkerchief and two small saucers”. A few years ago briefly in 1967, it appeared as a bikini bottom with a stringed halter of two triangular pieces of fabric covering the breasts. Trikini is ideal for skinny women and not for those who are very plump.

Sling Bikini (Best picks for: Well-toned women)

The sling bikini or a "suspender bikini" is a one-piece swimwear that provides as little, or even less, coverage or as much exposure as a bikini. It is also known as a  "suspender thong", "slingshot bikini" or just "slingshot". And this is for well-toned women but a complete no for women with heavy waistline.

Skirtini (Best picks for: Women with slim waists)

Skirtini is an innovation for bikini-style clothes with more coverage. This has a bikini top and a small, skirted bottom. Skirtini is one of the top designs of swimwear which suits women with slim waists. And this is not for Apple, Pear shaped women.

High-Waisted Bikini (Tip: It’s a great pick if you have post pregnancy stretch marks and still coming back to shape!)

This high-waisted bikini is for those who are not very fond of revealing their waistline. The bikini bottom has a high waist covering the entire waistline. This is the best pick of swimwear for those who have post pregnancy stretch marks and are still coming back to shape, but still love wearing bikinis!

Fringe Bikini (Best picks for: Slim women)

The fringe bikini is craved by women of all ages. The fringe bikini has fringes attached to the upper bandeau and it looks sensual and elegant. Best fit for slim women and not for Apple, Pear shaped women.

Flounce Bikini (Best Picks for: Women with flaunting curves)

This style of bikini has a flounce halter top and the flounce overlay adds flirty flow and extra coverage to a wireless bikini top and it creates a beautiful bust line. This bikini is suitable for women with flaunting curves but not for Apple, Rectangle shaped women.


This style was created by Rudi Gernreich in 1985, and this pubikini is a small piece of fabric that hugs the hips and buttocks but leaves the pubic region exposed. It's very similar to the micro bikini or mini-bikini with its minimal coverage, but revealing the pubic area in its entirety. 

How to decide the best bikini material

No fabric is better than another, but there are different attributes which make them more suitable for different uses. You need to identify advantages and disadvantages to the most common materials when choosing one. Having an idea of which activities you will be participating in as well as considering swimsuit longevity, will help you to select the best material for your bikini.

Nylon Blends and Polyester Blends are two major fabric options. Nylon is soft and comfortable. It gives a good stretch, and it hugs your body really well. For a strong material that is lightweight, you can choose nylon (as well as Lycra, or neoprene). 

Polyester is an extremely common material for swimsuits. It is soft yet very strong, and it is chlorine and UV resistant. If you need to find swimwear to withstand chlorine and fading, the best material is Polyester.

There are some other materials suitable for swimwear like mesh, corduroy and some even use cotton blends. The use of cotton made the swimsuit more practical and there are alternative swimwear fabrics such as velvet, leather, and crocheted squares.

How to find the best bikini for your body type / body shape

Every woman is shaped differently and made wonderfully different from each other. Swimsuits, bikinis can do just that, show off some parts and hide others. And below are some of the body types and shapes which you can compare with yours and get an idea for selecting the best fit for your body.

women body types

The apple body type

The apple body type has wide shoulders and narrower hips. The waist is wider than hips, and equal to or nearly as wide as the bust. 

The pear body type

The pear body type has narrower shoulders, smaller chest, hips which are significantly wider than your waist and bust, larger bottom and perhaps also larger thighs.

The strawberry body type

The strawberry body type has broad shoulders, full cleavage, slim waist and narrow hips.

The hourglass body type

The hourglass body type has a big bust, narrow waist and wider hips. Your shoulders and waist are about the same width. 

The ruler-shaped body type

The ruler-shaped body type or the straight body type has shoulders, waist and hips which don’t vary much in width. This type of bodies tend to have a naturally flatter stomach, smaller bust and smaller bottom. As the name suggests, ruler-shaped bodies are fairly straight throughout.

Above listed body types are the regular body types. Use the suggestions and tips of the bikini types section you read previously to find your perfect bikini. No matter what your body shape is, there are dozens of options out there for you to feel your best in when you hit the beach.

How to decide which color or color combination is best for you

Last but not least, you should choose a perfect bikini color according to the tone and characteristics of your skin. And you need to consider the reaction of your skin on sun radiation. By choosing the right colors your skin and its natural beauty will be always enhanced! 

The best swimwear colors for white skin

You can choose colors that contrast with your skin. As example, dark and cold shades. You will look good in full black swimwear, navy blue, emerald green, deep purple, red color bikini or brown. In general, avoid all nude colors(white, yellow and orange) which will make your skin look simply pale. Bright, flashy or fluo colors will make your skin look a little red.

The best swimwear colors for fair skin

If your skin is fair, probably your natural hair is blonde or light brown. Similarly as with a very white skin tone, choose dark swimwear colors like marine blue, red, emerald green, brown and dark purple. Cold colors will look great while your skin is still very white. And avoid all nude colors and flashy and fluorescent colors.

The best swimwear colors for light and golden skin

Your skin may be light, olive or golden, and luckily, once you get the summer tan everything matches you! You will look great both in cold and warm colors, in nudes and neons, in plain colors and in printed bikinis.

The best swimwear colors for dark skin

If your skin is matte or dark, and your hair is brown, dark brown or black, sun makes you tanned easily and your tan color is dark or very dark. You can choose colors that will highlight your skin color. White or yellow swimsuit will look beautiful on a dark skin! You can absolutely choose what you want!

Finally, there is one more thing to be highlighted, that these points are not musts, they're just ideas! The most important thing when mixing and matching colors is that you are confident with the pieces and feel good in what you put together.