What is SalPil

SalPil is a local marketplace that connects buyers with nearby electronics sellers. We empower local businesses to compete with large online platforms by providing them with a platform to reach new customers.

SalPil is for

People interested in and willing to buy electronic items such as mobile phones, computers & accessories, cameras, and home appliances.

Sellers of electronic products who struggle to make enough sales and want to connect with nearby local customers effortlessly.

Do you know

How SalPil Works?

SalPil utilizes two separate apps – one for buyers and another for sellers. You can learn more about how each app functions by following these links:

Customer Benefits: Find Electronics Nearby & Effortlessly with SalPil

Tired of searching for electronics online and calling shops one by one? SalPil makes it easier than ever to find what you need.

SalPil simplifies your electronics search and connects you with local sellers. Download the app today and experience the difference!

Boost Sales & Reach Local Buyers: Seller Benefits of SalPil

Struggling to reach new customers and manage online advertising? SalPil can help!

SalPil connects you with local buyers who are ready to purchase. Sign up today and watch your sales grow!

SalPil Pricing

Free SalPil Consumer App

Enjoy a completely free shopping experience with the SalPil consumer app. There are also no advertisements to interrupt your browsing.

Free SalPil Seller Center Access

Currently, the SalPil seller center app is free to use. However, a small subscription fee may be implemented in the future to cover maintenance costs.

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